Resource Center

Menstrual health education Resource This resource is designed as a toolkit for people who want to teach about menstrual hygiene in East African schools.
Menstrual hygiene Project training Resource This is resource is to help people explore addressing menstrual hygiene in their own communities
Evaluation Toolkit This resource is designed to help people assess menstrual hygiene needs in their communities and evaluate the impact of their programmes
Irises Questionnaire This is a validated (this means it has been tried, tested and refined) questionnaire for assessing and monitoring menstrual hygiene practices.
Menstrual Hygiene Superhero Cartoon This is a cartoon about a menstrual hygiene superhero for use in East African schools.
Menstrual Hygiene Superhero Poster This is a menstrual hygiene superhero poster for use in East African schools.
Why Menstruation Matters Poster This poster shows how poor menstrual hygiene makes girls feel and how simple interventions can change that.