Dr. Preeti Verma
Founder Chairperson

Dr. Preeti Verma is the founder of Saathiya Foundation. It is her story of success and prominence that clearly shows how determination and willpower, when coupled with knowledge, clear vision and proper planning, enables one to reach the peak of humility with leadership. Public Health Dentistry Professional with strong people skills, self-motivated, result oriented and culturally sensitive individual with actively involved in Team Management and People Development, who consistently strive to exceed current standards and yardsticks of performance and assume greater responsibilities.

Areas of specialization: Medical, Hospital Operations Management, Forensic Science, yoga.
Message: Team Saathiya is fully aware that it has a long way to go and several hurdles to cross. We want to assure everyone that the Team Saathiya strives everyday towards betterment and is sincerely committed to the cause. With the blessings and good wishes of all of you, we do hope that the Team Saathiya would be able to fulfil the aspirations of the people of the country.