Women Education and Health

Education: The life of a girl is not so easy, the battle for her life commences right from the day she is conceived in her mother's womb. Her survival and existence is similar to game of Pitch and Toss.

SAATHIYA'S strong belief that educated women would not only contribute to the economy but also issues of population and social evils like the dowry system and child marriage would reduce as more women are educated.

Child education-Literacy your life, Your future!! Saathiya has made formal education available to those victims who are still in the school going age but not able to attend the school due to certain reasons, while non formal education has been made accessible to adults.

Health: In view of the high risk of malnutrition and disease that women face at all the three critical stages viz., infancy and childhood, adolescent and reproductive phase, focussed attention would be paid to meeting the nutritional needs of women at all stages of the life cycle. This is also important in view of the critical link between the health of adolescent girls, pregnant and lactating women with the health of infant and young children. Special efforts will be made to tackle the problem of macro and micro nutrient deficiencies especially amongst pregnant and lactating women as it leads to various diseases and disabilities.

Special attention will be given to the needs of women in the provision of safe drinking water, sewage disposal, toilet facilities and sanitation within accessible reach of households, especially in rural areas and urban slums.

With the aims that adolescent girls and women have adequate knowledge and information about menstrual hygiene. We raise consciousness and awareness in the society and lessen the distance between the taboo and social stigma that is causing hindrance to gain access to Menstrual Hygiene. We believes that "Stigma around menstruation and menstrual hygiene is a violation of several human rights, most importantly of the right to human dignity, but also the right to non-discrimination, equality, bodily integrity, health, privacy and the right to freedom from inhumane.