Gender Equity

SAATHIYA strongly believes that women should have equal socio-economic, cultural and political opportunities as men. Working for gender equity and women's rights has been one of SAATHIYA's major commitments.

Female Foeticide:

Saathiya Foundation strongly believes in mobilizing an ideological movement against female foeticide, female infanticide and gender inequality in order to eradicate the social evils prevailing in the society since decades. There appears no quick and easy solution to the evils, but it is possible to reduce gender inequality, which lies at the core of female foeticide by challenging the patriarchal outlook of the society of bearing a male child and to create a culture that celebrates equality.
Gender ratio is gradually decreasing every decade instead of getting equal. It is the most shocking fact that the innovative and high end technologies are contributing to killing of the girl child by determining the pre-natal sex test. The need of the hour is to realize our responsibilities and give a halt to this evil.
What can we do to curb the brutal and undesirable practice of mass killing of girl's specifically female foetus? In order to fight this menace, Saathiya Foundation has started mobilizing people into a social movement against gender inequality & female foeticide. For that matter, writing slogans on the prominent walls, Rallies and seminars are conducted to make community aware about the seriousness of the sin in our country.
This determined drive endeavours to light a spark and show the world that females are part of the great Mother Earth. The agenda of the mass based social movement includes the following

  Spread awareness on the usage of latest techniques especially for female foeticide.

  Create awareness among the masses that a girl child is no less important than a boy. She can compete, stand and win in every race of life and is equally competent provided she is given similar          opportunity to showcase her talent.

  Highlight offences related to gender inequality.

  Creating awareness and understanding of the laws regarding the Dowry system and Property division.

Women's Equality Day 26th August

Aug. 26 marks Women's Equality Day—a celebration of the hard-fought struggle for women's suffrage that was won in 1918. Today, almost 100 years later, women have made many gains in the struggle for equality. Almost 100 years later, the struggle for full equality continues.
There is much that has not been won. In 2015, women are still paid less than men for equal work; Latina women are paid 55 percent of what men earn, Black women 67 percent and white women 78 percent. Worldwide, 35 percent of women experience sexual violence. Society then sweeps sexual violence under the rug—shaming victims and protecting attackers.
Women's bodies belong to no one but themselves. We should have the right to control our own bodies, and determine how and when we get pregnant and give birth. Access to abortion and birth control are part and parcel of reproductive health care—and shouldn't be isolated from health care in general. Likewise, women look forward to the day when we are safe to walk down the street, and when our bodies are not objectified and commodified. We are struggling for a day when we are not paid less just because of our gender or more likely to live in poverty because of it.
That day is entirely possible but is only possible if we organize and mobilize to challenge the status quo that perpetuates and institutionalizes inequality. Join WORD in building the struggle for full equality.